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 Death/Difficulty System

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Death/Difficulty System Empty
PostSubject: Death/Difficulty System   Death/Difficulty System EmptyWed Jul 30, 2014 5:12 pm

Difficultly/Death System

Death/Difficulty System Asuma_shikamaru_foto_1

As many people enjoy the Manga and Anime Naruto, many different people wish to make their own characters and live out their days as a ninja. As these people come to sites there are many different skill levels for each user. As a site, we wish to be fair to each skill level of our users, and let them learn what needs to be done, and give them a few tries to do it. No one is perfect, and the best of us make mistakes. The Difficultly system helps newer users not only learn the ropes, but prevents the polished ones, you have been doing this for years, from going on killing sprees. Once the user feels they have become strong enough to take on a harder level, they may do so.  There are three levels of difficulty a user can be on at one time. For those just learning how to role-play, the first, and easiest level is recommended.


This level is highly recommended for users who have little to no experience in role-playing. This stage will allow many users to learn what it means to role-play, and how to do it with making less and less mistakes. Users on this level cannot die, if a user has faced an enemy that has killed them, the user will simply pass-out and wake up in the spot they were "killed" hours later. Though the user cannot die, they will not be able to advanced passed the rank of C. If the user wishes to advance, they must move up a level. At this level you will be given a Clan protector to provide the safety you require. Clan protectors will be created by the leader of of you respective clan.

This level is for users who know what they are doing but are not ready to truly go up against those who have been role-playing for quite some time. This stage allows the user a lot of freedom with what they want to do, and also lets them learn enough to go up against anyone. Mistakes are still often made, but the users will have to learn from them. At this level the users can die, but there will be a dice added in when a death would occur. The chances of death are slim at this stage, but they can and will happen. The users at this level can obtain the rank of B, but they cannot advance higher. If the user wishes to advance, they must move up a level. A clan protector will be provided to you if the dice is in your favor.

This level is for users who are ready to take one anything and everyone. These players are truly ready to take on the world and fight anyone who stands in their way. This user has been role-playing for many years and it shows. Mistakes still happen, because they are human, but they are less of them. Death is all around this user, is the user is faced with a death topic and they are killed, the character no longer exists. This is for the highly advanced role-player only, and this user can reach the rank of S. This is the highest level anyone can reach.

*Note: This system does not go off how many years you have role-played, but how skilled you are at doing so.
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Death/Difficulty System
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