There is no peace, only war. Bounds are made merely by blood.
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 Warring States

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PostSubject: Warring States   Warring States EmptyWed Jul 30, 2014 3:25 am

Warring States Uchiha_and_senju_by_nakamurakenji1993-d5zj8rk

The Warring States Period!

Likely the bloodiest time in the all of the history of shinobi, the Warring States is a time when all shinobi were at each others throats. This time takes place before our beloved hero Naruto had his idea to become Hokage, or even before that title existed. This takes place only a few short years before a certain Senju and Uchiha would have the pleasure of meeting each other.  The only ally one had during this murderous time-period was the family that they were born into. There was no time for friends, love, fun, but only survival. Many stories have been told about this time, but now it is your turn to live in such a world. Take charge with your own clan because being alone is met with certain death.

Join in a very different kind of Naruto role-play experience, where strength truly does matter. A role-play that not only has different kinds of battles, but allows users to become as strong as they please. Unlike many other role-plays, we do not wish to limit something a person wishes to create. Being an Over-Powered shinobi like Madara is not out of the question on this site, but it might prove difficult to do. We wish for you to grow as strong as you please. There is death nearly around ever corner. This forum is certainly able to feel the lust for power and destruction anyone might have.  

(Disclaimer: While we are going to allow a lot of things, we'll still have limits on some things. There will be free few systems in act, mostly to act as a guidline of power. There will be no systems for chakra, we will simply leave it up to you to know when you've used too much chakra, and if that cannot be done we will have our mods look that over. We will also have a system set up that will allow people who aren't quite the best role-players to fit in, and not worry about dying wherever they go.)

Warring States Oie_KszGqzepIMRn_zps525445c2
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Warring States
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