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NN Staff list

Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.
Sexual Content 2: Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black, or mature tagging are recommended.
Violence 3: Extreme violence is permitted.


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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 8:25 pm

The Ninja of Nations Rules
Table of Contents
  • General Rules
  • Creation Rules
  • Role Playing Rules

General Rules

Member Expectations:
  • Acknowledgment: recognition of the existence or truth of something
      As a member of the Ninja of Nations, you are expected to follow and obey the rules—as well as the Staff Team. The excuse of “I didn’t know.” is not applicable. You are responsible for keeping up with all the changes on the site and adjusting to them as necessary. Failure to follow the rules or listen to the Staff Team will result in either a temporary ban or permanent ban (depending on the severity of the offense).
  • Respect: to show regard or consideration for & to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with
      Respect not only your fellow Role Players and the Staff Team, but yourself as well. As such, refrain from treating others differently or wrongly simply because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language, Role Playing skills, intelligence level, etc. Remember that this is the Internet and you do not need to take everything here personally. If you do get offended, calmly tell the offender you’re offended and to stop. If they don’t, take it up with the Staff Team and just leave the conversation. Ignore them. The Staff Team will deal with it. Anyone disrespecting others will be warned, and subsequently banned for a time. If they are repeat offenders, they will be permanently banned.
  • Plagiarism:
      Plagiarism occurs when a writer duplicates another writer's language or ideas and then calls the work his or her own. Copyright laws protect writers' words as their legal property. To avoid the charge of plagiarism, writers take care to credit those from whom they borrow and quote.

      Note : Similar theft in music or other arts is also called plagiarism.
      Plagiarism is NOT tolerated and dealt with very strictly. This applies to not only what you submit, but also what you take from the site. (In other words, do not claim something as your own and do not steal our own works for your own purposes.)
  • Problems: any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty & a question proposed for solution or discussion
      Members are to treat others with respect, but unfortunately people on the Internet can also be quite mean. If someone is making a scene please A) Take a screen-shot of the offense or B) Copy and paste the offensive material (though a screen-shot would be best) and submit to any member of the Staff Team (or all of them if you wish) through a Private Message.

      On the other hand, if you simply notice something (or don't understand something) send it to any (or all) member of the Staff Team, no matter how big or small you think the problem is. We are here to help, but we can not help if we do not know what is going on. Private Message us or talk to us about it on the Chat Box, please.
  • Activity: the state or quality of being active
      As a member of the Ninja of Nations, you are expected to be an active member, particularly when it comes to Role Playing. If you’re simply here for conversation move on elsewhere. We are a Role Playing site, not a Conversational site. Though we encourage you all to be active Role Players, we also want to encourage you to interact with one another outside of Role Playing. A part of being active is to also voice your opinions on items concerning the site. Without you, we are nothing. So please, stay active.
  • Familiarity: reasonable knowledge or acquaintance, as with a subject or place
      All members are expected to know something about Role Playing itself as well as Naruto. Without knowledge of this, it will make things difficult here (but not impossible). If you do not yet know one or both of these, please feel free to ask for help, but we also ask you to learn on your own. To learn more about Naruto, all you need to do is read the manga (comic), which can be found on Mangareader. [You may also look to the anime (cartoon); however, we are based off of the manga and the anime may have content that does not exist in the manga.] To learn more about Role Playing, you may look to our RP School in the OOC Board.
  • Enjoyment: the possession, use, or occupancy of anything with satisfaction or pleasure
      All members are expected to have fun on the Ninja of Nations!!!

  • Privacy: state of being let alone and able to keep certain, especially personal matters, to oneself
      No matter what is posted up on the site or who is asking for what, you are entitled to keep all your personal details a secret (i.e. Name, Age, Gender, Appearance, Address, Race, Religion, Sexuality, etc.). Under these same circumstances, you cannot press someone to give you their personal information, if you do so you will be banned. (You can still ask for personal information, but if they don’t want to tell you, stop. If you continue to ask them for it you will be temporarily banned and then permanently banned if you make a second offense.)
  • Sharing: to use, participate, receive, etc. jointly
      Under no circumstances are you to ever share your account with another person—even if it’s your twin brother who thinks exactly like you. Your account is your own. As such, do not give away your password to other people or allow other people to utilize your account. For those of you who share the computer with others, do not allow the site to “Remember My Password” as that can essentially mean your account can be hacked into by almost anyone who gets on that computer. (Who knows, maybe you and your house-mates will wind up hating each other and both be on the site? Don’t want them to use your account, do you?)
  • Accounts:
      One account per person. For those of you sharing IP Addresses (i.e. you’re house-mates and using one computer), please contact an Administrator before making a second account. We actively check IP Addresses so if you try to get around this rule you will be banned indefinitely. To prevent this from happening, contact an Administrator first and explain the situation. Note: Everyone has a unique writing style. We will notice if you are using the “House-Mate” excuse to have multiple accounts.
  • Language: any set or system of such symbols as used in a more or less uniform fashion by a number of people, who are thus enabled to communicate intelligibly with one another
      This is an English-based forum, so you will need to make your posts/comments in English and adhere to the grammar system of the English language. (This also means we do not allow the usage of text/chat speak as you are to follow the proper grammar system of the English language.) It is understandable that not everyone has English as their first language (and not everyone is proficient with it even if it is), but we ask that you try your best and if you have difficulties (or someone notes you on this) please do not hesitate to ask the Staff Team for help.
  • Rating: PG-13
      These may contain sex references, some uses of explicit language, drug innuendo, strong crude/suggestive humor, mature/political themes, moderately long horror moments and/or moderate action violence. There are no restrictions on non-sexual nudity. However, extreme bloodshed is rarely present. (Wikipedia: Motion Picture Rating System—United States)

      All content on the site must be at a PG-13 level. And by content we mean: usernames, images, word descriptions, videos, links, etc. This includes the Chat Box as well Private Messages. This will be heavily enforced outside of Role Plays. Within Role Plays, Role Players are allowed a little more freedom in that the language may be coarser, the subject of drugs may be referred to directly and be in use, violent scenes may be described in greater detail; however, sexual scenes may only be referred to or hinted to—never fully described, let alone in detail. Going beyond the terms set aside for Out of Role Play Areas and Within Role Play Areas will result in a warning with your post either censored (edited out) or a request for you to immediately edit your post. To do so again will result in a temporary ban. A third offense will result in a permanent ban.
  • Graphics: Any kind of visible output including text, images, movies, line art and digital photographs; stored in bitmap or vector graphic form.
      Graphics must comply to the site rating as well (PG-13). In addition to this, there are restrictions on image sizes. Avatars may be no bigger than 150 x 150. Visible signatures may be no larger than 500 x 250 (you may put larger signatures in spoiler tags, but it should not be immediately visible). Any other visible images utilized in posts may be no larger than 500 x 500. Note that emotes/smilies are also a part of the Graphics Rule and must comply with the PG-13 rating as well. Do not spam the usage of emotes either, doing so will result in the removal of the emotes.

      In regards to music, you are free to post such links; however, you are not allowed to have them "autoplay". A member must choose to play the music you link/embed (violating this rule will count towards both Graphics and Respect). Remember that not everyone shares the same tastes in music as you and certain genres could actually be considered offensive to other members.

      Going along with this, you are allowed to link others to off site material; however, such links must link back to PG-13 sites and be free of any type of malware. Do not post links to other Role Playing forums except for the Affiliate Section, to do so will result in an immediate temporary ban. [Though it may not happen here it will be stated anyway. "Egg" links are tolerated, but only three at any one time, whether or not they are in spoiler tags.]
  • Formatting: the general physical appearance… …such as the typeface, binding… …etc. & the organization, plan, style, or type of something
      You will need to format your posts in a readable manner. If you capitalize, bold, italicize, underline, colorize, etc. your post, please do so in a manner that is readable. If we are not able to read your post we will not read your post. This is not to say cannot personify your posts, but a reminder that there are other people reading your posts—people who do not think like you do and therefore rely on your posts to understand what’s going on.
      ”Examples of Bad Post Formats”:
  • Spam: To post irrelevant or inappropriate messages & To flood any chat forum or Internet game with purposefully annoying text or macros.
      Simply put, please refrain from spamming on the site, be with images, words, or even posts.

      Note that 'bumping' also falls under the category of spam. Please understand that members of the Staff Team are busy and lead real lives in addition to their virtual lives, as such there will be times when it feels like your applications are being ignored. Just wait and stay calm. There a few times when you can bump your application:
        [1] Your topic was previously a WIP (Work In Progress) and is now complete.
        [2] It has been 24 hours (1 Day) and your application was pushed to the next page.
        [3] It has been 24 hours (1 Day) since you last bumped the topic.
        [3] It has been 24 hours (1 Day) since you last edited an application being moderated.

        If you fail to comply with the Bumping Guidelines stated above the Staff will ignore your requests and consequently get your applications last.
      There are only two situations in which you can directly ask a member on the Staff Team to you look at your application (through Private Messages or via Chat Box):
        [1] It has been 7 Days (1 Week) since your application was last moderated.
        [2] You believe your application is currently being moderated unfairly.

        You may not directly ask a member of the Staff Team to look at your application unless it falls under either of the above two conditions. To do so will result in Staff ignoring your requests and getting to it last.
      Example of Bump & Request Guidelines wrote:
      Day 1: Submitted a WIP. > Completed WIP. > Bump for Completion.
      Day 2: App is on Page 2. > Bump. > Mod looks at App. > Edit App.
      Day 3: No reply. > Bump.
      Day 4: No reply. > Bump.
      Day 5: No reply. > Bump. > Mod looks at App. > Edit App.
      Day 6: No reply. > Bump.
      Day 7: No reply. > PM Staff. > Ask Staff on CB. > Mod looks at App.
      Day 8: Edit. > Reply. > Edit. > Reply. > Edit. > Reply.
      Day 9: Edit.
      Day 10: No reply. > Bump.
      Day 11: Reply. > Edit. > Approved.

      NOTE: It shouldn't actually take over a week to get things Approved. This is just an extended example of what the Bumping/Direct Request would look like. If it ever actually takes that long the Staff Team will be re-evaluated and members will be added/removed as necessary.

      Most applications should either be Approved/Denied within 3 to 5 Days, tops. If it takes 7 Days (1 Week) then it's probably going to be because of Vacation/Exams, so naturally it will take longer to get your things looked at. But really, anything longer than a week is going to be unheard of so don't worry about that.

      The guidelines were set in place so as to give the Staff Team time to 'breathe' in-between apps, so to speak. The Staff are human too and can only do so much work before they feel drained and need a break.

Creation Rules

  • World Setting:
      Keep in mind that this is a Naruto based Role Playing site, thus items from other animes/mangas do not exist within Naruto, as do some items in real life (particularly technology based items). Remember to keep your references Naruto related.
  • Site Plot:
      Going hand in hand with the above, remember the site's plot. Since the site's plot is in an alternate universe and is set in the time when ninja first developed, there is little known knowledge of ninjas and few of them famous enough to be known throughout. And since this is "the begging of time" there is little technology, thus the world is more traditional than modern. Keep this in mind when developing your characters and abilities.
  • Cross Overs:
      Cross overs refer to Role Players utilizing concepts from other series, particularly when it comes to their character's abilities. This is generally allowed; however, you will need to adapt and edit those abilities to fit into the Naruto setting. I.e. in Bleach Zanjutsu techniques involve the usage of one's Zanpakuto; however, zanpakutos can't and don't exist in Naruto, but swords do exist so you could turn Zanjutsu into Kenjutsu (Sword Techniques).
  • Limitations:
      Keep in mind that there are some limitations on what you can and can not do, particularly with your character's skill level and abilities. To prevent yourself from receiving headaches later on look into what's limited (or banned) before actually making your character and abilities. What the staff team chooses to limits (or bans) is limited (or banned) for a good reason, not just because they hate you. If you feel that the limited/banned list needs to be changed (either items being removed or added onto) feel free to Private Message the Administrators on the Staff Team.
  • Guides:
      The guides exist for your benefit so please make use of them. The guides are there to guide you along the creation process and help you get through the approval process as quickly as possible. Refer to the guides often and look to them to answer your questions before consulting the Staff Team.
  • Templates:
      You are allowed to customize the templates as you wish with font choice, coloring, and so forth, but the basic layout and content may not be tampered with. The templates were made with care, so follow them when provided. Note that there may be times when you are asked to provide your own template depending upon the nature of your application.
  • Word Count:
      Some items may require word requirements and in those regards there is one thing you simply need to remember: one paragraph equals 100 to 150 words. Every paragraph doesn't necessarily need to be 100 to 150 words. This is only a rough estimate of what a paragraph is and so long as you fall in the general range of what a paragraph is you'll be fine.

      Once again, the Ninja of Nations care about the quality of your writing than the quantity of your writing. If you can describe something concisely in only fifty words instead of 100, its perfectly fine.
  • Logic:
      If all else fails, use your common sense. If something seems to be over-powering or impossible, then it probably is. Often times your own judgment is a good indicator of whether or not your application is able to be approved or not. I.e. People can't fly, so if you want to fly you'll need to figure out how it would be possible in a Naruto setting.

Role Play Rules

  • Titling:
      You are free to title your Role Plays as you wish; however, keep in mind that the title you choose should give the members of the site an idea of what you wish to do in the thread. In other words, the title should be something like a summary.

      A note about titling topics, there are going to be some tags that may be required depending upon the content and purpose of your Role Play.
      Titling Tags wrote:
      [Open] Anyone may join your topic. Topics are understood to be "open" whether or not this tag is present; however, it is nice to let your fellow members know if the topic is open or not by stating so in the title. These are usually a good way to meet new people, both In Character and Out of Character. But be warned that "open" literally means that anything can happen. You may wish to just have a quite stroll in the forest, but someone else may join looking for a sparring partner.

      [Closed] Only people with your permission may join your topic. These topics are usually for the personal development of your character(s), such as pursuing a love interest or forging stronger bonds with current allies. "Closed" topics can not be major plot devices, personal or site wide. (For example, you plan to wipe out a clan on a whim... you can't make it a closed topic between just you and the clan. It'll have to be open so that anyone can join in to help you or hinder you or just watch.)
        [Mature] A subgroup within the "Closed" tag, this tag is reserved for Role Plays which involve mature topics (specifically sexual scenes) and must be used if there is mature content. Should you happen to not utilize this tag when necessary, you may potentially be banned.

      [Plot] These are plot related topics (and will usually be reserved for staff members to use). Plot topics are meant to further the site's development whenever the staff sees fit. These won't be frequent as each and every single member is going to shape the site's plot. But, when the staff deems things have been too easy/quiet (or maybe too hard/loud?) for the Role Players they'll intervene to promote more Role Playing and push the members to Role Play to their full capabilities.
      Now, you're going to notice that there's no mention of "[Death]" or "[No Death]", there's a reason for this. Due to the nature of the site's plot, a fight could break out anywhere at anytime and that means there is a constant chance of death. You needn't fear though. There's a system in place that prevents your character from immediately dying so as to allow you to grow and develop (after all, it'd be no fun getting bullied by 5 S Ranks as soon as you get approved, now is there?). Nevertheless, do be aware that you can die in every Role Play you participate in.

      You may be more specific with title tags, but these are the basic ones you should know and use.
  • World Setting:
      This is a pretty simple rule: keep it related to Naruto. This a Naruto Role Play site for a reason. Ninjas, chakra, tailed beasts, bloodline limits, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, etc. exist within Naruto. Shinigami, Hollows, Arrancar, Zanjutsu, Devil Fruit, Magic Guilds, Soul Eaters, Mecha-Bots, Geass, Guns/Bullets, etc. do not exist within Naruto and should not be utilized or referred to, even if these things are from other popular manga/anime that other people would know about. These things do not exist in the Naruto World unless someone on the site bases their jutsu/clan/bloodline off of these things, but even then they are not the same thing.
  • Site Plot:
      This is another simple rule: remember the site's general plot line. This site may be a Naruto based Role Play, but even then there is a site-wide plot in place. This should not be ignored simply because you do not feel like reading the plot or that the plot is too difficult/annoying for you to Role Play about. Keep in mind that the plot's general setting is an Alternate Universe Pre-Village Era. This means there's no such thing as "Genin, Chuunin, Jounin, Kage" because the villages have not been established, nor a formal ranking system. As such, places like "Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in Leaves" does not exist either.
  • Word Count:
      Not everyone here is going to be a pro at Role Playing; however, there are some minimum requirements when it comes to the length of your post. There is a minimum because, based upon your Role Playing Ability, you should be able to pull these off fairly well and that your fellow Role Players will need something to work with when Role Playing with you. The following is the average expected of you:
        Rank Leisure Req Battle Req
        D1 Paragraph 1 Paragraph
        C2 Paragraphs 1 Paragraphs
        B3 Paragraphs 2 Paragraphs
        A4 Paragraphs 2 Paragraphs
        S5 Paragraphs 3 Paragraphs

      Take note that there is a column for "Leisure" and a column for "Battle".

      Leisure Role Plays have a higher minimum because they are leisure Role Plays; therefore, the time gap between the Role Players are larger and their characters are not in stressful situations so it allows for their characters to freely think and interpret situations.

      Battle Role Plays have a lower minimum because they are battle Role Plays; therefore, the time gap between the Role Players are smaller and their characters are in stressful situations so it only allows for fleeting seconds of thoughts to plan out moves and interpret the battle at hand. Due to the limited time frame, and the nature of the topic, members will be allowed to "post less".

      The reason as to why "post less" is in quotation marks is that although there are minimums the staff members do not wish to promote fluff filled writing. The staff of the Ninja of Nations care about the quality of your writing than the quantity of your writing. Thus, "shorter is better" if and only if you are very concise with your writing; however, most people are not "excellent writers" so it is necessary to have these minimums in order to provide everyone with something to work with when Role Playing
  • Auto-Hit / Auto-Dodge: The opponent's attacks always hits the defender. / The defender always dodges the opponent's attacks.
      This is not allowed and looked down upon. You will be asked to edit your post should this happen. If you refuse to do so the topic will be rendered void. If you continue to do so, even after receiving Role Playing lessons, you may potentially be banned as it means you are intentionally doing this and disregarding the rules of the site.
  • God-Modding / Meta-Gaming: The Role Player controls another Role Player's character's actions, thoughts, feelings, or the all of the above. / The Role Player "gives" their character all the knowledge about the other Role Player's character.
      You are also to refrain from doing this as this is highly looked down upon. There are many different definitions of what God-Modding is, but this is the main concept of God-Modding here (though the Staff Members may also utilize the term in place of auto-hit and auto-dodge). Meta-Gaming is among one of the most difficult thing for Role Players to do; however, it is a skill all Role Players must learn to be considered decent Role Players. Despite having access to everyone's profiles and abilities, you can not have your character know all of this without first role playing with the other Role Player's character and learning it In Character.

      For those new to Role Playing, think of Meta-Gaming as this:
      Meta-Gaming Example wrote:
      Your character's name is "RPer". RPer is visiting Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village) for the first time and runs into a person. RPer has never met this person before or ever heard of anyone like him, but based on the clothes of this man RPer can guess that he's a ninja. You however know that this ninja is a Chuunin and that his name is Iruka, Naruto's sensei (teacher). RPer says "Hi Iruka, why are you still a Chuunin if you taught Naruto? He's so strong now, you must be really strong too!"

      The red is bad. Instead:

      RPer says "Hi there, I'm RPer, who are you? Are you a ninja, I thought you'd be since you're wearing a flak jacket and you've got a headband... but I'm just a Genin so I could be wrong."

      Is more acceptable.
  • Capability / Logic: potential aptitude... innate or acquired capacity for something / reason or sound judgment
      Simply put, despite this Role Play being set in a fictional world where many impossible things are possible there are still limits. A ninja's body is stronger than an average human's body in real life, but that doesn't mean they are invincible to everything and can do everything. A ninja's body will still tire and wear out. A ninja's body still has the same physical limits as we do, so they can't do something like, say, jumping fifty feet into the air, moving at the speed of light, or picking things up ten times heavier than them as if its a feather. Water falls down. Churning a vortex of fire around you will deplete you of oxygen since fire needs oxygen. Having lived in Suna (Sand Village) or the Land of Wind all of your life and going to Kumo (Cloud Village) or the Land of Lightning means you'll probably have problems with the change in altitude.

      Asides from this, ninja are further limited by the abilities they know and the type of ninja they are. A ninja who relies heavily on Genjutsu would be unlikely to have much physical prowess. They could use Taijutsu but it wouldn't be nearly as strong or effective as someone who uses Taijutsu on a regular basis, similarly, if they tried to use Kenjutsu they'd be unlikely to even know how to hold the sword/katana right and end up hurting themselves instead. Notably for most Suiton (Water Element) users they'll probably need a physical water source to utilize most of their attacks, so, no water, no jutsu. Someone could try to use Chidori but if they're slow as a turtle it's not happening.

      Just remember what your character is capable of and what works in the real world. Naruto may be fictional, but aspects of real life apply to it too.
  • Battle Moderator Commentary:
      First and foremost, when a Battle Mod (BM), or anyone on the staff team really, posts in a Role Play commenting that a post needs to be edited because of x, you should edit it. 9 times out of 10 what they see wrong is wrong. They're not actually out to get you. They just want the Role Play to make sense and be able to flow together. Having to edit your post doesn't mean you're a bad Role Player. It just means you made a mistake and that you'll learn from it.

      Now then, if you look back at your post and you're pretty sure you did nothing wrong or that they got the wrong impression, calmly tell the Mod why you don't need to edit your post. There's no need to get upset and act like its the end of the world. If its that rare 1 out of 10 chance that the Mod was wrong the Mod will apologize and merely delete the posts in your topic that were BM comments so you can continue.

      Should things ever get so ugly that an Admin has to look at it, you will comply to whatever the Admin's final verdict is.

      Note: If you, the Role Player, are role playing with someone and believe that your partner has broken a rule or is being unfair you can ask a BM to look at your topic. Kindly do so through a PM (Private Message) explaining what you think is wrong and providing a link to the topic. Be patient. If you don't get a response within 24 hours, via PM or a post in the questioned topic, you can send them a reminder or ask around on the Chat Box.

      Just note that the BM may look at your topic and find other things that are wrong in the topic from both you and your partner.

Credits: A.I. &
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